4:55 am

This was me a few mornings ago. However, the beeping was just a long continuous one that was incredibly high pitched at 4:55 am. I called the alarm company and begged them to help me so that I could go back to sleep. I received the response: "Unfortunately, we're just a monitoring service. I can send a message over to the alarm company and they will contact you within the next 48 hours."

I was a zombie for the next day and Bella went crazy over the noise. The situation definitely made me think of Phoebe, which lightened the situation a bit.

The matter is all settled now, but at the time I was cursing at the fact that Hubby was in the field and couldn't help me. I think if he had been around I would have laughed about it. When I'm alone and something like this happens I get very angry that I have to deal with whatever it is on my own. Oh, the life of an Army Wife.