All Dressed Up

Hubby and I were forced to dress up in costumes for Halloween by our bosses. I'm not a great sport when it comes to spirit days and the such, but Hubby loves everything that has to do with Halloween. I didn't have the time to make him a Thor or Max costume so he was Three Hole Punch Jim from "The Office".

My office had a pirate themed Halloween. I refused to pay more than $10 for a costume so I bought a pirate hat and hook set at The Dollar Tree and made myself a bandanna and vest out of some cheap fabric. I had to tape the hat to my abnormally large head to keep it from flying off. I was actually fairly proud of my vest, but not the fact that I basically already had a pirate costume already in my closet.

P.S. Sisters in the 90's. I always insisted on being a bride/princess (but not the Princess Bride).


Patty said…
Cute pictures :D
Spencer said…
"I basically already had a pirate costume already in my closet."

lol i genuinely wish i could say the same. i think i would spontaneously dress like a pirate on random days throughout the year.