A Belated Birthday Post

Hey guys! Guess what?

I actually turned 25 over a month ago, but am finally using this long holiday weekend to post about it. I'm going to try being a better blogger. Really, I am!

My birthday was not terribly exciting and it really just made me homesick. Hubby had to work most of the day so I had a lot of time to think about how far away I am from my family back in California and how much I miss my friends in Texas. 

I was more than willing to be spoiled by the Hubby and squeeze extra hugs out of Bella.

We took a long time trying to get our obligatory family portrait with birthday hats. We were able to capture a couple decent shots of the three of us. I can't imagine how hard it will be when we add a baby to the mix in the future.

Hubby gifted me my very first Kate Spade item. Meet Pippa:

I've been looking at Kate Spade purses for the past three years, but never took the plunge. Hubby chose the bag himself without any help and it's perfect. It's such an extravagant gift, but it makes me feel so good carrying it around. Heck, they even treat me better in stores when we go to nice malls. Total "Pretty Woman" effect. 

Rules of carrying the bag: 
1) Pippa shall never be placed on the floor.
2) Lip gloss, lotions, and gum will be placed in a separate bag and not directly in Pippa's pockets.
3) Pippa will not be used to sneak snacks into the movie theatre.

Hubby made pork, shrimp, and chicken gumbo for dinner and we ended the evening with a store bought fruit tart. Fruit tarts are about ten times tastier than cakes and all that fruit just cancels out all the butter used in the tart shell, right?

I'm excited to see what Year 25 brings for me. 


R.Lee said…
The family portrait outtakes could've easily been eliminated by using the selfie stick! :)