Dear Baby: Love at First Sight

This post was written on April 7th, 2014.

Dear Baby,

We found out about your existence on your dad's birthday just over four weeks ago. I had waited until that day to take a test just in case it would be positive because how amazing of a gift would that be? I had nothing else to give to your father on his 27th birthday. He had already bought himself an extremely expensive pair of leather shoes, which I'm sure he will be wearing to your graduation and wedding.

The pink line was so faint that I didn't even want to tell him the news. I spilled the beans anyway and waved the pee stick at him. "See, there's a line. There's definitely a line there!" I took another test the next morning. The line was significantly darker. Dad was still sleeping with Bella. I crawled back to bed and whispered to him, "Honey, you're going to be a dad!" We were overjoyed.

Our first doctor's appointment was this past Friday, April 4th. It was the absolute longest and scariest four weeks we had ever experienced. I was terrified of losing you. Every little cramp or back pain was sure to be a sign of a miscarriage. You see, my past two pregnancies never lasted long enough for us to hear a heartbeat. 

Dr. S. didn't want to do an ultrasound initially, but I begged and begged. I couldn't wait another two weeks to find out if you were okay. Sure enough, we saw you wiggling in my tummy and eventually heard your strong heartbeat. I wanted Dad to record this special moment, but he totally screwed up and recorded the floor instead. I hope he gets his act together before you start walking.

I, of course, was bawling during the entire ultrasound. The kind lady printed out some pictures of you, which I carried around in my purse for days. We shared an elevator with a random man while leaving the office. If your dad hadn't been there I probably would have blurted out, "Hey! Do you want to see a picture of my baby?!"

I can't even describe how happy I am to know that you are healthy and that we will finally get to meet you on November 16th (P.S. November 16th is a Sunday. We would appreciate it if you arrived mid-morning the day before so that it's convenient for everyone. Dad thinks that babies should always arrive on Saturdays).

I am still so incredibly petrified of losing you, but Dr. S. is confident that everything will be just fine. He said that most women miscarry before they see the heartbeat and those who do see a heartbeat are 95% likely to carry to full-term. 95% is a great number, Baby. So great that we decided to tell everyone in the family that very day. 

You are already so loved. I know you are going to be incredibly spoiled, as you should be.