A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Hubby and I were able to head to a pumpkin patch in Marble Falls for the first time last Friday. There were plenty of activities available for all visitors, but my main plan was to buy pumpkins to carve and to take plenty of pictures.

Sweet Berry Farm is set up for plenty of picture opportunities. Hubby has turned into my personal photographer.

My husband was very adamant on finding the "perfect" pumpkin to carve. I wasn't terribly picky when it came to choosing my own pumpkin.

Their ATM was broken so we ended up leaving with only one very expensive pumpkin. We were pretty upset when we realized that pumpkins at Walmart are both better looking and cheaper.

After over two grueling hours of slimy work, we finished carving our pumpkins. Hubby of course went with something spooky while I went with an adorable Snoopy. Sadly, it's very difficult to see the thin and detailed lines of my Snoopy, but it looks better in person! 

Both The Hubby and I are excited to eventually do all this with kiddos. Can you believe this year is almost over already?


Your carved pumpkins look great! That's a lot of work. I've heard that if you put vaseline along the cut edges, it stay looking nice longer. I bought pumpkins at CVS this year, $1.39 each (they were little ones, though).