Photo Dump

A collection of pictures from my phone, both old and new.

Bella tries her best to talk me out of going to work every morning.
Kisses before bedtime.

Riley being her adorable self, as always.

Bella is such a couch potato.

Gloomy day shoes.
Bella waiting for the rain to stop.
I married a nerd.
S'mores brownies are dangerous.

Spent four hours stuffing packages for the USO.
Homemade stromboli was amazing.
My sister's birthday gift this year was a hit.
My water collection gets out of control when The Hubby is away.

I sold my first custom apron to a happy customer.
My first purchase after receiving my paycheck was pretty fabric.


Congrats on your first custom order! It looks really cute! So funny that you bought more fabric--it's a circular equation.