I Cone of Shame'd Her

My sister and I had this hilarious conversation a few months back. Riley has since been spayed and will hopefully never need to wear a diaper ever again.

Sister: So I tried to make Riley diapers by buying baby diapers which are a ton cheaper, and I got the newborn size because they look like the same size as her current ones. Except they were TINY
Me: Is she still on her period?!
Sister: And riley freaked the fuck out when I put them on her.
Me: Haha
Sister: Yes, apparently they last two weeks. So I had to cut up a pair of old underwear...
Sister: ...and put some panty liners in that.
Sister: And it kinda worked, but they clearly bother her. So she was fidgety all night. We didnt want to buy specific dog diapers because they're $12 for 12. Baby diapers are like 36 for $6.
Me: Yeah that's ridiculous.
Sister: Anyways, she was tearing off her diaper and making a mess so I cone of shame'd her.
Me: LOL! This entire convo is going on my blog, btw.
Sister: Except I got the soft velcro kind and when I put them on the first time she didn't know what to do
so she just froze. And then went crazy and started running into things. After she calmed down I put her in her pen, came home from lunch and saw that she was stuck on her bunny because the exposed velcro got caught on her.
Me: HAHAHAHAHA. Riley is so sad.
Sister: Then she shouldnt be an asshole and eat her diapers.