I know that I haven't been a great blogger recently. Working has been kicking my butt! I thought I would get used to working full time by now, but I come home really exhausted. We've been going to bed at 8pm every evening! How crazy is that?

Here are a few pictures from my computer and phone.

1. Cuddling with Bella on the couch. She can sleep anywhere.
2. I bought this stand mixer for myself. I've been wanting it for years and finally made the plunge, thanks to an amazing black Friday sale at Kohl's. (20% off, $30 rebate, free shipping, and $75 Kohl's cash)
3. Bella got into an entire box of raisins and even ate some baby wipes. We had to take her to the pet ER where she had to stay overnight. She was back to her normal self the next day after some rest and eight hundred dollars.
4. My boss gave me some sparkly red Toms as part of my uniform at work and a nice raise. I'm so fortunate!

1. Bella now sleeps in this luxurious dog bed. It was an early sixth birthday gift for her, and is perfect for freezing winter nights in Texas.
2. We dog sat this crazy puppy over Thanksgiving. He crapped and peed in our house several times and chewed up my phone charger. We still loved him anyway.
3. Did you know that I'm terrible at baking cakes?
4. One of my favorite patients brought me warm cookies and a handwritten note thanking me for my "smiles and kindness." 

Our amazing friends had their beautiful baby girl, Clara. Dad was deployed just three weeks later. Please think of him.
Hubby was promoted to a Captain and I was able to pin on his new rank on a blustery twenty degree morning.. Unfortunately, our photographer didn't capture that moment. His family and I are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments!