I'm a Terrible Person

I made Ina Garten's recipe for lemon and garlic roast chicken for dinner tonight. I've never roasted a chicken before, and I don't know why I thought I had the stomach to handle a whole raw chicken. I gagged the entire time and was whining like a baby. The Hubby had to pull out the giblets because I couldn't bare to do it without throwing up, probably on the chicken. I tied up its little legs with pretty bakers twine since I didn't have anything else. Bakers twine should be used for crafts, not chicken!

The chicken is stuffed with garlic. I quickly looked up a video on how to peel garlic easily as I've always used pre-minced garlic and never had to deal with it before. The Hubby came over and watched with me and we were amazed by how easy it seemed.

The Hubby declared that he would be in charge of doing it. Smashing the garlic with his bare hands seemed like a horrible idea to me, but he was committed and smashed away. Except the garlic head was not dented at all by his hand and The Hubby screamed in pain.

Instead of running over and checking to see if he was okay, I laughed hard. I laughed until I fell on the floor. I laughed until my laughter was no longer making a sound. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.

I am a terrible person.

He's okay, by the way. I knew he would be. 

He's my big, strong Army man. 

Who was defeated by a garlic head.

After he eventually broke the garlic head open, the trick worked like magic. It turns out that I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and didn't see the part about not even having to peel the garlic head at all. 

The chicken was delicious and wonderfully juicy. Success!