A Sweet Competition

The Hubby and I picked up a gingerbread house kit at Target because it was 50% off and we didn't have anything to do on a Saturday night. During the car ride home, The Hubby asked if he could do the icicles on the house and I asked, "But will it look good?" We quickly turned what was to be a new holiday tradition to a competition. 

"You're f**ked," he claimed.

Each one of us would do a front of the pre-built house and a side and we agreed to have my readers decide who the winner was. Here, The Hubby carefully plans out his design before proceeding.

Look at that intensity. There was a lot of trash talking on his part.

So, my neutral blog readers, which decorator did the better job?

Fronts of houses

Decorator 1's side

Decorator 2's side

Help us settle this friendly feud by answering the poll below!

Who Decorated the Best Gingerbread House?


Kenny said…
Decorator 1 is totally Brandon - you can see him making that house in the first few pictures. I'm voting for him solely because of that oversight.
Kenny said…
Okay, I feel bad now that I've seen the amount of votes that have gone to each house, so I guess I'm switching.
Min said…
Kenny, It's actually the same house. We just worked on different sides of the house.
You guys are too cute. Well, Decorator #1 definitely wins for neatness--but Decorator #2 gets extra points for creativity (and for having to do miniscule work with clunkier fingers).
Kenny said…
Just kidding, in that case decorator 2 is Brandon cause side 1 is already done in the pictures where he's working on his. I should be a detective.
Min said…
Nicely done, Watson!