Cabana's mama requested some pictures to go with last night's post, so here they are! The first picture is a duplicate of the one I sent my mother. We are at a kindergarten family picnic. I'm pretty sure I made that hat for her. My mother was wearing the bug eyed sunglasses before the Olsen twins were.

I found these embarrassing school pictures. Like I mentioned before, I did not know how to smile naturally. Why didn't anyone tell me this?!

I think this picture was from some sort of a Halloween celebration at school. I LOVED this dress. I wore it whenever I could, even though it is obviously at least two sizes too big. I remember one day I was supposed to go to a friend's birthday party at the Discovery Zone and wanted to wear this dress. My mother told me I could not go unless I wore a pair of overalls. I did the logical thing and locked myself in the bathroom for the rest of the day.

I think I should bring the bangs back.


Awww, those are cute pictures of you! You are doing the "cheese" smile. I can almost hear you saying the word. That's what all well-behaved (albeit misguided) children do for photos. What you should really say for a more natural-looking smile is, "Hi," where you draw out the vowel, like "haaaaaaaaiiiii".

You look a lot more like your mom now than you did when you were little. And I think you should consider revisiting bangs--they look great!
Debbie said…
We tried to tell you your smile was wack, but you wouldn't listen.
Spencer said…
bring the bangs back! and take some pictures smiling like that again hahaha