Onto Better Things

Today was my second official day at my new job as a front desk receptionist at a local office. Although yesterday started a little rocky, today was really wonderful and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I don't deal with rude teenagers like I did when I was a substitute teacher and while my new job challenges me, I don't feel stressed at all.

It's truly a wonderful environment to work in where every single person is cheerful and unbelievably patient. We start the mornings with an "Awesome Report" where we share great work by other people and we end our meetings with a huddle.

The best part of it all is that I get to wear scrubs to work, which is basically like being in your pajamas all the time.

Hubby has been super supportive while I've been getting my body accustomed to working full shifts again. Even though I'm seated for most of the entire eight hours, I've been leaving work with aches all over. He hasn't let me cook or touch the dirty dishes at all. How lucky am I?


Tiffany said…
YES! Congrats on the new job! And I do have to agree, scrubs are very comfortable. I love napping in them (a clean set, of course).
Congratulations on your new job! New jobs are exhausting. Even though you're sitting, it's an emotional and mental toll. There's a lot to learn, and you can't just "get to it" on your own. I always have a hard time with that. I like feeling capable and independent, which is not always possible for a few months. In my experience, it takes a full six months to feel fully acclimated to a new job. So tell Hubby to keep up his supportive part for at least that long!
Patty said…
So glad you enjoy your job! And yes very very lucky to have such a supportive hubby :D
Frances said…
That's SO good to hear! Considering how you left the last one, GOOD RIDDANCE! A better job for Min makes a Happy Min!