Doggy Swim Day

Hurray! There was another doggy swim day! Daddy was able to join us this year and mama didn't have to be so lonely like she was last time.

I wasn't too excited to go in the pool even though I love to swim with my pops.

I'm outie!

I would much rather just look at the cold water, thanks.

I might take a quick sniff with my friend, Brutus.

But I would much rather run around like a mad dog and explore.

And get some lovin' from daddy.

Whee! Look at how fast I can run!

And run and run!

And run some more!

Gee, am I a happy dog!

Phew! I'm tired from all that fun. Let's go home!


Wow, that looks like such fun! I wish our community pool would have a dog day. Cabana would do the same thing as Bella, run around instead of swim. Sad labs, sad.