Five Things

1. Coolest dad ever sends his son's toy train on a space trip.

2. My favorite Etsy seller, Kate Thomas of Little Things Studio, has a new site of curated quotes. She always has the best sayings on her prints. Now, they're all in one mustard yellow place. Also, how gorgeous is her laptop skin design?

Source: via Min on Pinterest
3. One of my early projects was featured on Apartment Therapy awhile back. If I had known it would get some attention I would have tried to take pictures without the television in the background.

4. My mom is in Europe right now. Europe! I'm really happy for her and she has been updating my sister and I with random texts. One day she texted my sister and I three separate pictures of the Eiffel Tower, all at a similar angle, just a different distance. Her caption read: "It is worth to come. I hope we can visit together next time. I really enjoy."

Another text said, "I am in the Swiss. Do you need watch? What kind/color?" I asked her for chocolate.

5. I have fallen in love with the band Monsters Calling Home ever since seeing them on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Honda surprised them with a gig on Jimmy and gave them their big break. I hope I get a chance to see them live one day.


Julian said…
OMG. Thank you for sharing that band. I burst into tears watching that surprise and seeing their emotions when they found out they would be on Jimmy Kimmel. So touching.
Spencer said…
lol my dad texts exactly like that too. i read that in his voice.
kate thomas said…
aww MIN! You are so sweet!
thank you for including me in this!!
i'll be in austin for renegade holiday! i would LOVE to do coffee.
Min said…
@Julian: I can't stop listening to their music and I watched that surprise video twice already!

@Spencer: Aren't Asian parent texts the best?

@Kate: Of course! I hope I'm in town for Renegade Holiday! I'm excited to see you again. I was so bummed you didn't make it for Renegade Austin this year.
That's awesome that you had a project on Apartment Therapy! I love Monsters Calling Home, too. That Honda video was great.