Let's Make: A Pretty Carrier!

I made a couple of carriers for crafting supplies yesterday. You can use them to hold paintbrushes, scissors, glue, yarn, markers, colored pencils, or even eating utensils for a picnic. Glass pasta jars fit perfectly in the compartments.
I used a beer bottle carrier and a wine bottle carrier. I promise we're not alcoholics! The one from World Market is really durable and sturdy (and free).
Since my craft room is not set up yet, I worked on the coffee table and sat down on Bella's dog bed for comfort. She sat with me most of the time. Please ignore the unfolded laundry on the chair.
I chose coordinating cardstock from my stash. Just trace the carrier onto the back of the paper and cut. I used a craft knife and ruler to get clean cuts.
I used adhesive squares to attach the paper because it was faster and easier, but you can also use glue.
Prettier already, yes? The top handle portion required some more measuring and time.
And voila!
I made a second smaller one that is a good size for a portable marker carrier for kids (if we had any). I made the top edge shorter by cutting two snips and folding the tabs down.
Easy and free!
I'm excited to add these to my shelves for a pop of color. I love pretty storage!


Bumble Baybees said…
I have been saving these as well for the same thing. I was just dreading the measuring and fitting part. Now that I see they are so cute I will do them soon!
Ale said…
I really love your idea i need some of this for my craft room and for my kids....I specially like the wine box it looks more sturdy and cool :)the only problem for me is that we don't drink beer or wine any other ideas on how to get my hands in some of this usefull boxes???
thanks for sharing..
Min said…
Hi Ale! Thanks for commenting. The wine carriers from World Market were free and they just have them handy right by their wine selection. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you grabbed a couple. You can also get some glass soda (i.e. Jones) at the grocery store and reinforce them with some cardboard or really sturdy card stock. Good luck!
crayonsniffer said…
I use Sonic drink carriers as they are very sturdy and large.
I have also painted them and used stickers and tissue paper to make a gift box for someone in the hospital.