Don't Hate Me

We had brownie mix, but we didn't have any proper baking pans for brownies. We did, however, have baking sheets so I Googled "cookies from brownie mix". When in doubt, Google. And, yes, Google is a verb in my book.

May I present to you something I have named "So Good You Are Going to Hate Yourself For Making Them Cookies". They aren't the prettiest cookies, but they are absolutely delicious.

You'll tell yourself that you will only eat one more. Just one more. Lies. The Hubby ate about ten in five minutes. I won't tell you how many I had. I made two batches in three days because they were gone that quickly.
Ingredients: one box of brownie mix, 1 egg, 2 tbsp water, 1/3 cup oil, and as many chocolate chips as you want (recipe)

Preheat oven to 375. Mix ingredients well. Use a small ice cream scoop to form dough balls and place on greased cookie sheets, two inches apart from each other. Bake at least 8 minutes.

Check to see that the cookies are baked through. Bake for longer if you have to. I took out my second batch before they were done and they were completely deformed when I tried to peel them off the pan. Did that stop us from devouring them? Nope.

I also pressed some Reese's Pieces on the tops of some of the cookies before they cooled completely. No pictures because the mouth did not want to wait.

Don't hate me. I warned you.


acceberrrr said…
i just worked out.

i have brownie mix.........