Pioneer Woman, Meet George Forman

We don't have a bed yet, but at least we feast like meat-lovin' royalty.

Saturday's Dinner (masterfully made by the hubs): Burgers with caramelized onions and spicy mayo sauce. Paired with some garlic and basil potatoes.
Tuesday's Dinner: Angus top loin steak topped with mushrooms and paired with potatoes (again) and some salad. The Hubby claimed that it was one of the best steaks he has ever had.
We have been cooking all of our meals recently with our new George Foreman grill and have been getting some great results from our lean, mean, grilling machine. It is so satisfying to see the fat and oils dripping off the grill.

This was dinner Monday night along with some cumin rice. Also delicious.

I wish I was good enough of a cook to post my own recipes, but I can at least post links to recipes that have worked for us.

Salmon tonight!

Edit: Here was our salmon dinner (minus the pecans and grilled instead). Mixed reviews. The Hubby wasn't a fan, but I loved it.


Rebecca said…
.....i'm gonna road trip to tx and you can cook for me.