Missing Bella

Before moving out to Georgia to join The Hubby, I had never been away from Bella for longer than a week. I have not seen her since March 31st, and boy do I miss that doggie. She's just a baby!

The Hubby and I found ourselves watching the same videos of Bella over and over again.

We used to play a game with her back at home. The Hubby would go hide somewhere and then we would release the hound. It didn't matter if Bella was even aware that he was back in California or not. She could always sniff him out.

Bella Finds Daddy from Min Schmidt on Vimeo.

She doesn't understand the concept of talking through the internet.
Video chatting just doesn't replace the sound of her nose lifting up the lid of the kitchen trash can when I go to the restroom. Or the way she licks her lips when you ask, "Are you hungry?".
Just look at that face!

Click here for a humorous article by Margaret Cho on what it is like to be dogless dog lover.


acceberrrr said…
I LOVE THIS hahaha shes so cute