A Battalion Ball

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of new posts lately. We have been extremely busy here in Texas after coming back home last Wednesday evening from a great vacation in California. The Hubby's family is making the trek here to visit us before his deployment and we have been running around getting the house ready. 

More on that later, but for now I wanted to share a few pictures from our first brigade pre-deployment ball last Friday night.

On the morning of the ball, I tried on four different dresses from past West Point hops that I had brought with us from back home. And amazingly, the one that fit the best was one of my all-time favorites. It was the blue strapless dress that I wore for The Hubby's senior prom and Plebe Parent Weekend. The dress hugged my curves just right and I actually looked better in it than before. I was incredibly excited, but then disaster struck.

Two hours before the ball, I went to get out wrinkles from the dress and I found some strange discoloration that magically appeared. The marks were not there the very same morning. I have no idea what happened, and I went into panic mode. I ran around screaming in my underwear, "What am I going to do?!"

In the end, I wore this pink number that was ridiculously wrinkled despite my efforts of ironing with a cheap $10 iron from Target. Thank you, Spankx like underwear for keeping me sucked in! All the other women had professional hair and makeup while I did it all in thirty minutes or so. Plus, my dress was long enough so that I didn't bother shaving my legs. TMI?

The theme of the gala was "Keep the Fire Burning". They were trying to emphasize the importance of the support from the family members back home during deployment.

Along with the regular speeches and toasts was the making of the Grog. Basically, soldiers poured a bunch of alcohol into a large punch bowl. Each type of alcohol corresponded with a part of history and had some significance. For example, bottles of sake for WWII and vodka for the Cold War. The concoction sounded revolting, but mixed in with regular fruit punch, I was told that it tasted like Kool-Aid.

I was tossed into this picture and the horrible stetson was placed on my head at the last second. And although  our friend on the left may seem like the third wheel in this picture, I had to compete against him for The Hubby's attention back in Georgia. These two were inseparable!

We left as soon as we could. Before changing out of our fancy clothing, we took one last picture with the timer on our camera so that I could get a full length shot.

I'm not sure if I will get a chance to post much in these next couple of weeks, but keep checking back! I miss blogging...


Shirley said…
You guys look great <3