Bella likes to go into her crate and sleep. Yesterday, she was in it for most of the day and she is actually in it right now. 

Dogs are known to be den animals, and they appreciate having a place to go that they feel is safe and secure.

But then why does she still continue to break out and tear apart anything she possibly can? We've tried tying the gate and even looped a carabiner to lock it, but she still managed to get out of her cage. After the first time, we thought that I had just locked the cage improperly, but now she always greets us at the door every time.

Before leaving the house, we close all the doors so that if she urinates it won't be on carpet. I put the kitchen trash can on the counter. I remove any plastic bags from sight because she now correlates plastic to food. I didn't think I had to hide the Duraflame log by the fireplace.

Luckily, the log is not toxic when consumed. She threw it all up the next day and was good as new. As you can see by the picture, she was gnawing on it like a bone.

I think she breaks out like this dog in the video below, although I am sure that she is far less calm about it. I just hope she doesn't hurt herself in her quest to be free. Does she think that she can catch up with us or something?

Edit: I think we have finally come up with a proper solution. I remembered that my husband has a weird obsession with locks. The seven locks below were found as I was going through his boxes when we first moved into this home in June. I'm not sure what he ever needed to be stored under lock and key, but at least there was one that does the trick for our situation. Let's just hope we never misplace the key!