On How We Ate, Ate, and Ate Some More

The Hubby's family wanted to come out to Texas to see him one last time before he deploys. I cleaned the house as best as I could with an ever-shedding Labrador. That dog...

His mother visited during MLK weekend. We took her to Austin that Friday afternoon and ate brunch at Juan in a Million, which was where Adam Richman had his Man v Food challenge. We were greeted warmly by the owner himself who won the best handshake award once. (Click pictures to enlarge!)

My husband and I ordered the famous Don Juan "El Taco Grande". It consisted of two scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and potatoes on top of two homemade flour tortillas. The Hubby gobbled his up quickly, but I didn't enjoy mine quite as much due to the lack of cheese.

Even though we all complained of being too full, we headed to Gourdough's for dessert. They have unbelievably high Yelp reviews, and they are all well deserved. Their fresh, made-to-order, giant donuts are $4.25 each, add $1 for meat. Yes, they have meat donuts, and if I ever get brave enough I will try one.

I ordered the Baby Rattler donut, mainly because I really wanted a gummy rattlesnake. Mine was delicious, but I was completely envious of The Hubby's Funky Monkey. The donuts are made by a guy who sits in his trailer with his guitar, and are served with giant paper towels along with a fork and knife.

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at home and eating more food...

I then had two more days to get the house back into order before The Hubby's dad, stepmom and grandparents arrived. The Hubby actually had to work while they were here so we did a lot of sitting and waiting at the house. There really is little to do around here unless you make the trip out to the Austin area.

Saturday was designated for more Austin food. The Hubby's dad wanted to try some Texas BBQ so we took him to Rudy's after a disappointing trip to the more famous Salt Lick. Boy, was it a wonderful experience! 

The friendly cashiers first ask you whether or not it is your first time at Rudy's. If you answer yes, they give you enough samples of their meats and sides for your entire party to taste. We all immediately fell in love with their moist brisket. I think The Hubby got too excited over their amazing meat that he ordered too much food.

Everyone left stuffed and we had enough leftovers for brisket and sausage egg white omelets the next morning. They serve everything on waxed butcher paper instead of plates. Rudy's is also extremely generous with the amount of free sandwich bread they give you. We left with an entire loaf!

The Hubby and I wanted to take everyone to Gourdough's too, but we decided to try Round Rock Donuts instead, which was also featured on the same episode of Man v Food. Their lobby closes early, but they keep their drive-thru open until eight. We had about ten cars ahead of us and we really hoped that the wait was worth it. Round Rock Donuts did not disappoint us either.

I had to order the Texas Sized Donut which is two pounds and the same amount of dough as a dozen donuts. $5.99 bought us an amazing giant donut that tasted better than Krispy Kreme, and that's saying a lot! We loved it so much that we went back for a dozen more donuts the next weekend.

But the trip wasn't entirely revolved around food. We also went to the LBJ Library during our trip to Austin...although we did rush through the museum so that we could go eat some BBQ. And we also did some shopping...for junk food. On Sunday we watched some football...and ate three large pizzas. And then there was some Skype-ing...where we bragged about the amazing brisket and asked what he had for dinner.

My sister is visiting me in March and I suspect that we will be eating a lot then too. I better lose the extra weight I gained now so that I can gain it back again later.

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