On the Road Again

Our little family packed our bags and headed back home to California the morning of December 18th. Flying was not an option for us so we drove through half of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico to reach home sweet home. (Please click images to enlarge!)

We drove close to eleven hours each day. Bella did not go potty once while on the road because apparently there is no grass between California and Fort Hood, Texas. The pampered canine needs lush greens in order to do her business.

Rest stops were few and far between. We went miles and miles without seeing a single gas station or McDonald's. It was terrifying. At one point, the radio in our car could not pick up any trace of a radio station.

This is what I have interpreted Bella to be thinking when I took these four snapshots somewhere in Arizona. It's a good thing she loves car rides or else she would have been truly miserable. I cannot even imagine what it would be like with human children.

We made Deming, NM our rest stop. Bella is a wonderful guard dog back at home, but this did not translate well inside a hotel. She barked at any noise she heard outside our door, which always occurred between midnight and 6am. I ended up holding her close to me and gently holding her snout to prevent her from barking up a storm. Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep.

And then we finally hit our great state. The mountains were greener, there were snow-capped mountains in the distance and the skies shined a gorgeous blue. Just two hours home and we would hit home.

But California was angry at us for leaving her and rained and rained and rained...It was not the wonderful weather that we had dreamed of for months. This video was taken on our way to Pasadena where we braved Colorado Boulevard for hours before watching "The Nutcracker". As I was recording the heavy rain, it turned into hail. 

Our drive back to our Texas home was absolutely horrible. I never want to do it ever again. Bella was lucky enough to be able to sleep through the long trip, but us humans were forced to stay awake...okay, so I fell asleep a couple of times. We survive through bottles of water, fast food lunches and dinners, and a couple of audio books. Kira Kira got us through Arizona. Thanks, Mimi!

While The Hubby drove us all the way from one home to the next, Bella and I took a bazillion pictures. I have to say that having Bella with us was wonderful because she became a source of entertainment.

As we listened to the book version of The Princess Bride, we found ourselves back in Texas with still about ten hours left until reaching Fort Hood. This is a massive state. I love how the sign says, "Welcome to Texas. Drive friendly--the Texas way". Some of the worst drivers we have ever seen have been here. Californians get a bad rep for nothing!

We will be busy bees here until next Tuesday so posting will be light until then. Look forward to posts about our guest room, more holiday recaps, and Bella at the beach.

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Spencer said…
peeing on the side of the road can get you registered as a sex offender! just a fyi haha