Meet Ken

My grandmother gave me one of her old sewing machines when I went home for Christmas. I have been wanting one for a very long time, but I never wanted to make the investment. You see, purchasing a sewing machine is the beginning of another hobby and hobbies are expensive. I need to purchase fabric scissors, thread, pins, fabric...the list goes on and on. 

But look how gorgeous it is! It is no longer white, but has yellowed from prolonged exposure in the sun. The edges on the knobs have darkened from dirty hands. And yet the motor still purrs magnificently. My Kenmore ("Ken" for short) will provide the absolute best distraction for me while The Hubby is away.

Some genius designed our house to have a giant window that looks into our garage, letting the world now exactly when we are away. We purchased some cheap curtains from Ikea and I decided to hem them myself using the sewing machine instead of using the provided iron-on hemming strip.

Although my grandmother gave me a short tutorial on threading the machine, I had to watch some videos online to brush up on it. This video was particularly helpful while this online series was especially wonderful for a beginner like me.

But in my excitement to begin sewing, I stupidly neglected to bother measuring just how much I had to hem from the bottom. The Hubby, being the sweet fella that he is, tried to make me feel better by saying that it was smart making the curtains short because the corners of the windows are always full of cobwebs. At least they're evenly short! Lesson learned...

And, if you look carefully, my stitched line is far from straight, but practice makes perfect!

I would love to make cute pincushions when I get the chance (source: 1, 2)

And I think my next projects will be this sewing caddy along with a cover to protect Ken from dust when he is not in use.

Wish me luck!


caitlin said…
check out for inspiration! i love to sew too and wanted to start a blog for this purpose but... well life is crazy. have fun sewing!
Min said…
Thanks for the suggestion, Caitlin! I am so thankful for all the resources on the internet.