A Quick Thank You

I believe in making others feel appreciated and I do so by simply saying it, through hand written cards, or  by giving little gifts. The Hubby was being chauffeured by a coworker every time I had work when we were a one car household. I felt terrible for inconveniencing someone this way so I asked The Hubby to bring his friend some cookies. Of course, I'm not the type of person to just throw some cookies in a Ziploc bag and call it a day.

I whipped up some simple chocolate chip cookies and fit them in an empty powdered lemonade mix container. I covered up the container with some card stock. I then stamped another piece of paper with the words "thank you." Next, I trimmed the edges with my Martha Stewart edge punch from our wedding and then attached it with coordinating tape. 

I knew I kept those containers around for a good reason!

My go-to cookie recipes:


Shirley said…
You really do make the best notes/care package/etc. When I show people they are always taken back by how thoughtful you are. You're awesome!