Bella. In a Boat!

After the farmers market last Saturday, we decided to take Bella canoeing at Zilker Park. I've been wanting to go with The Hubby after the fabulous time I had with my sister when we went last March. Zilker Park Boat Rentals rents out boats and canoes for $10 an hour and is also very dog friendly.

The Hubby and I were really concerned about how well Bella would do on a boat, especially with her distaste for water, despite being a labrador retriever. She also doesn't have the best track record when it comes to ducks in the water. At first, The Hubby carried her onto the boat and she immediately hopped out. We tried again, but first I had to get in the boat myself so that I could hold her in place.

Within the first five minutes, Bella attempted to jump ship and leave her crew behind. She had her two front paws in the water before I had the chance to turn around and grab onto her. The boat rocked precariously until we finally got her settled down and sitting. The Hubby ended up doing all of the rowing while I had my hand on Bella's collar the entire twenty-five minutes of our boat ride.

At one point, a strong wind blew us to the shoreline and a giant tree branch would have gouged out my eyes had I not pulled a Matrix move. My screaming, "What the hell?!" startled Bella and she stood up to sniff me, which rocked the boat once again.

I'm realizing now that I should have recorded video of some of our boat ride, but I was too preoccupied with not tumbling into the dirty and cold water.

The three of us all had nice baths and showers when we returned home. No more boat rides for you, baby girl. We promise to leave you at home next time.


chris said…
would you rather have bella wet and dirty OR rip your house apart?
Shirley said…
I think Chris has a great point there.