On Why We Can No Longer Eat Just Any BBQ

The Hubby and I would be pretty stupid if we didn't take advantage of the great barbecue in the area. Bon Appetit Magazine named Franklin BBQ in Austin as the best in the nation. I read somewhere that they cook up 500 lbs. of meat daily and always sell out. People line up for hours for said BBQ. There's no way meat can be so tasty, is there?

We made the one hour drive to Franklin on a rainy Friday morning, thinking that we might be lucky with short lines. Surely, no one else would be crazy enough to wait in the rain on a workday. We were mistaken. The Hubby and I arrived at 1000, an hour before opening, and found ourselves waiting with at least thirty other hungry parties before us.

At about 1030, an employee went through the line with her clipboard to mark down how many pounds of meat the customers were planning on ordering. This was done to gauge when they were going to sell out of BBQ so that the could start sending people home. We made the cut and rejoiced.

We finally made it to Franklin himself at about 1130. He took our order and quickly cut up our gigantic order while making friendly conversation with us. Franklin threw us a sample of his brisket and as soon as it touched our lips we knew the one hour drive and one and a half hour wait was well worth it.

The Hubby ordered one pound of lean brisket, one pound of fatty brisket, two sausage links and two pounds of ribs for the two of us. I told him he was insane, but I definitely didn't complain when for the next two days he served me some delicious brisket omelets for breakfast. 

I've mentioned before how much we love Rudy's BBQ. However, now that we've tasted Franklin's, we will never be able to enjoy Rudy's ever again. Such a shame!

If any of our family members decide to visit us again, we are definitely making a trip to Austin for the best barbecue in the nation.


One of the friends that went to Austin with us said his #1 goal was to eat as much BBQ as possible. But since my husband and I are vegetarians, that didn't exactly mesh with our agenda! Luckily, he went to a bbq place the night before we got there. I'll have to tell him about Franklin's for his next visit.