Bella and I prepared for days to give The Hubby a proper birthday celebration. 

While I was preparing dinner, The Hubby opened up all of his gifts and cards from his family.

One of my gifts to my husband was a stack of postcards from his closest friends and family members, an idea I discovered from Inchmark blog. I had mailed them out two weeks before his birthday, asking people to write down their favorite memories of The Hubby. Unfortunately, I was missing a few (from men!), but he still enjoyed reading all of them. He had no idea I did this for him.

Some of the postcards were funny, others were emotional, but all of them brought a smile to our faces. Many people noted our wedding and how The Hubby made everyone cry because he was crying.

Note: If you would like me to email you the template I used, please leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to send it your way.

I made him a delicious birthday meal. Just thinking about it makes my stomach growl.

 Brown sugar and balsamic glazed pork loin on top a bed of baby spinach paired with Paleo almond flour drop biscuits...you must try these recipes one day.

After a short break, we ate the individual ice cream cakes I made on my own the day before.

He made a wish. It must have been a good one because he spent a long time thinking about it.

And then we attacked the cake. Why, yes. That is a chocolate chip cookie sandwiched in between two layers of chocolate cake and mint Oreo ice cream. Tutorial later!

By the end of the night, we were all pooped. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me make this day a fantastic one for The Hubby!