Friggin' Martha

I have a problem. I'm attracted to absolutely everything Martha Stewart is associated with, but I'm sure you knew that already. I'm especially drawn to that classic Martha blue. It's similar to Tiffany's blue, and us women are automatically drawn to those little boxes, aren't we? The Hubby constantly reminds me that she was sent to prison and I shouldn't idolize her. While he is definitely right, I have chosen to ignore this little tidbit about Ms. Stewart.

I've been slowly collecting Martha goods. I am proud to say that I have never paid anything at full price though because that lovely blue color allows the MS company to up their prices. In my kitchen I have Martha's 3-piece blue kitchen towels and 16-piece food storage container set thanks to my thankful mother-in-law. I also have her springform pan and an especially handy silicone tuner (no more cooked on egg whites!).

Our bedroom bedding is also from the Martha collection. The blanket is the perfect weight, but it's dry clean only so Bella is banned from our bed when we use it.

I added something else to my Martha collection today: A one-year subscription to Everyday Food Magazine and Martha Stewart Living Magazine. It was only $19 through Living Social! I just had to get it. I NEEDED IT, OKAY? (If I can get two more Martha fans to buy through this link, I can get my subscription for free.)

I've been eyeing this stand mixer for ages. The Hubby wanted to buy me a Coach purse. I told him I would rather have this stand mixer. I'm blunt when I need to be.

Did you know Avery and Martha have teamed up and are now selling home organization goodies at Staples? I want EVERYTHING. I have the sudden need to label everything.

Martha, you are draining my bank account...I still love you, anyway.


Julian said…
I don't do a lot of craft activities but when I go into Michael's for a poster board or random knick knacks, I have the sudden urge to be a teacher so I can buy all the Martha Stewart items. Why must her packaging be so beautiful?!
I have to agree a bit with the hubs on this one. I've heard that Martha isn't one of the nicest people in the world. But she DOES have beautiful products, and if she ever offered me a job in her craft department, I'd let her be as mean to me as she wanted. Pathetic, but true.
Nicole y. said…
I wrote martha stewart a letter to make her recipe box in martha stewart blue instead of the red. And with a recipe card holder on top. Isn't it a good idea???