Lost Pictures

1. Pier 1 tape measure/pin cushion I found on clearance for $2 instead of $8.
2. My DIY Valentine for my Valentine.
3. My working conditions. Dirty spoons on desk not pictured.
4. What The Hubby does at work.

1. Cookies and Cream s'mores at Halcyon Coffe-Bar-Lounge in Austin. Alcohol and open fires? Smart.
2. The Hubby and I love Summermoon Coffee Bar's coffees and soy chai tea lattes.
3. Mexican Chicken Lime Soup. Perfect for cold winter evenings.

A much more organized pantry thanks to containers from Ikea.

1. Failed Paleo Crab Cakes
2. Successful Nutella and Sea Salt Stuffed Cookies made by The Hubby all on his own.
3. Brownie/Cookie ice cream sandwiches.
4. Delicious Swedish Meatballs from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, a gift from my MIL.

1. Dog park antics.
2. The Hubby made a gourmet steak dinner. I didn't have to lift a finger.
3. Bella not enjoying some Texas snow.