Overheard in the Bedroom

These are the words spoken in a bedroom of a couple who has been together for eight years:

Close your armpit!
I don't want to share your air.
You're choking/crushing me!
Quit stealing the blanket.
I have to pee. 
Move over!
I don't like your arm under my pillow!

The Hubby:
Baby, can you scratch my back?
I'm cold. Can you cover me?
Can the baby (Bella) be up here?
It's hot. Bella, get off.
Five more minutes.
Did you lock the door?
I'm itchy!

We thought we would spice things up by building a blanket fort (on a Saturday evening).

Bella liked it. The Hubby did not. 
We found ourselves back on the comfortable bed for the night.
Why sleep on the floor when you have a mattress just a couple feet away?

By the way, it's 8pm and we're about to go to bed.
We are so old.