Another Pie

Hope you all had a great 4 July! This year meant more to me simply because The Hubby and so many of our friends are currently serving the country overseas. We often think of this holiday as just a day off from work and a time to barbecue or tan at the beach (see you soon, beach!). But let's not forget about the thousands of men and women who continue to fight for our freedom every single day, holiday or not.

I organized for a banner to be sent out to our soldiers in Iraq. I asked family members to send in a decorated star along with a picture to be glued onto the banner. It was an incredibly arduous task and I made the banner on my own while The Hubby was still here over R&R, but this picture below made it all worth it.

I would say that I only received stars and pictures from maybe 20 different families, which was highly disappointing considering that there are about 130 soldiers in our company. The Hubby said that people really liked it, but those soldiers who didn't get a star were sad. Hopefully they don't blame the FRG for that! I worked my butt off.

The Hubby got his own little corner and it now hangs in his office. I don't think I could get him to put a picture of us at his desk so I guess this is a way for him to have a little bit of home at his work anyway.

P.S. This has become my go-to recipe for apple pie, although I mix the sugar/butter mixture with the sliced apples before dumping them in the pan instead of pouring it over the crust.