Part of 15 Days

I've decided to split up the summary of The Hubby's R&R into three parts. One entry on San Antonio, another on the Rangers game we attended, and this one with all the miscellaneous bits mixed in.

My husband tried to cuddle with Bella as often as possible while he was home. Most times, Bella was in between us. That little husband thief! I have been having difficulty convincing her to sleep on the bed with me lately because it has been so hot here, even with the air conditioning on. In cooler months, all I have to do is pat the bed once.

Bella loves her Daddy, but she just loves me more. She insists on being next to me. The Hubby demonstrated how as soon as he would remove his arm from the top of Bella's body, she would quickly move to get up. It wouldn't matter if she was sound asleep. Bella would try to escape from his grasp as soon as she found the opportunity to do so.

Do you have a husband that likes to cook for you? Because I do! The Hubby made all the meals we had at home. He even made me whole wheat chocolate chip waffles with fresh fruit while I was finishing up my morning work out. I married an amazing man.

But mostly we had unhealthy foods while he was home. One evening we ordered pizza from a popular place nearby. We were both highly disappointed. My cheeseless pizza had plastic saran wrap baked into the crust. I had to make the phone call to ask for a refund. After speaking to two different men and repeating, "There's plastic in my pizza" about ten times, they asked us to bring it in. I convinced The Hubby that it was the principle behind the matter and not the money so we drove the ten minutes back to get our $8 refund. 

I purchased five stems of what I think were yellow snapdragons for $4 at HEB a couple of days before The Hubby came home. I didn't have the right vase for them so I used empty Heineken bottles with the labels removed. Although they were already wilting the next day, The Hubby commented on my cleverness.

The last couple of days, I put The Hubby to work. I "asked" him to change out our air filter and he fixed the curtain rod that had come crashing down back in March. Most importantly he helped me put up all the art I had purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair a few months ago. A separate post on that later, although you got a sneak peek on Saturday.

I think one of The Hubby's favorite things was going to The Paramount Theatre in Austin for their annual Summer Classic Film Series. One of the first similarities we discovered about each other was our love for old black and white films. We were able to watch The Grapes of Wrath and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn truly belongs on the big screen.

We were also able to get my rings cleaned on the way to the Rangers game. I took this picture in the car while The Hubby had to run into a store really quickly. He was laughing at the way I couldn't resist staring at it in its original sparkling state. But then he saw how great it photographed and told me that I should post the picture.

"Aren't you happy I love my rings so much?"

And before we knew it, it was time for him to leave again.


Good for you for going back to the pizza place to get a refund! I would have been too lazy, but you're right, it's the principle of the thing!

I think your snapdragons are really gladiolas, or is it gladioli?

Cabana prefers me to my husband, too. We're the ones who are around and do the caretaking, right?

My husband makes pancakes on Sunday mornings--but that's the extent of his repertoire! You're lucky that your husband cooks!

I hope he gets to come back home soon.
Min said…

I think you're right about the flowers. Thanks! Also, my husband mainly throws a bunch of different spices on chicken breasts and sticks it on our trusty George Foreman grill. That's what he calls "cooking". I guess he's just a natural (although he had to ask me if the water was boiling once).