What I Came Home To

I love you, but enough is enough, Bella. Your cuteness will not always work on me, especially when it is the day before trash day and I have peels of six apples rotting in an almost full trash bag. I do not want to drug you, but I will. And then I'll go back to sticking you inside your kennel even though you tear the crap out of your nose trying to break out. I just don't know what to do with you anymore.

I have ordered the Thundershirt and it is my last resort. I feel like I am a prisoner to my own dog, and it is getting absolutely ridiculous. Bella provides me with immense love, joy and comfort, but she also makes me incredibly angry at times. She is testing my patience and definitely giving me plenty of practice for future children. 

I love her. I really, truly do. 

Wait until Daddy hears about this.


Spencer said…
dang i can feel your fury in this post haha. when i saw that picture i immediately imagined how furious i would be if my dog did that too :(
Tiffany said…
Sorry to see that... hopefully that Thundershirt works wonders!
Tessa99999 said…
I don't personally own a thundershirt for my own wonky dog, but I hear from an online friend they can do amazing things. Not you're totally 100% cured, but "awesome you didn't urinate all over the new carpet for no real reason" cured.