Bella hates her kennel. Actually, hate is not strong enough of a word to describe how Bella feels about being trapped in that cage. The sound she makes when she is in it is so awful that it makes me want to cry. 

She learned how to get out of the cage so we had to padlock it. We thought this would keep her from hurting herself, but while The Hubby and I were in San Antonio, we left her with a friend and she came home one day to find that Bella tore off a metal piece of the gate and scratched her nose. How is she not missing teeth?

She also bit off the two feeding bowls that were attached on the door where I used to leave her water.

So I started leaving her out, but then she tore up the house instead of her nose. And we can't exactly ask people watching her to hide all plastic bags, food items, Duraflames, lip gloss tubes, makeup bags or trash cans when they want to leave the house. When I found out about the Thundershirt, I thought that maybe she would be cured of all her separation anxiety issues.

I even splurged the extra five dollars so that she could look pretty in pink at all times.

But she went crazy when I put it on. Bella actually loves wearing clothes so I don't think she was uncomfortable or confused by it. The Thundershirt simply didn't work for us, and I was near tears when I saw that it wasn't going to work out. 

I'm glad that the Thundershirt comes with a 100% money back guarantee. They donate returned shirts to shelters to help other dogs.


chris chang said…
this is so sad. up until i saw the video i thought it worked and you found a solution hahahah :( :( :(
Tessa99999 said…
Well...that sucks. It explains why I haven't been able to find used Thundershirts though. I guess either it works and you keep it or it doesn't work and you send it back. =\ At least they donate them to help other animals in need...