Pretty Pillow

This is what I spent at least two hours doing yesterday. I made the cover for the pillow on the left. Not too shabby for my first attempt at making something fitted, right? My favorite part of the cover is that it is removable, which is crucial when you have a husband that spills chocolate on the couch all the time.

I followed a tutorial I found online although using her measurements made my case too loose and I had to make adjustments. I think this is because her pillow forms were fuller than mine. For the back of the pillow, I used leftover fabric from my apron project a few months ago. I really like the pop of color and this way I have enough of the printed fabric for another pillow. I just hope that it won't take as long the second time around.

I used fabric purchased from the Crate and Barrel Outlet when The Hubby was home for R&R. It was $4.95/yd and I bought it for curtains in my craft room. My curtain-less room made it impossible for me to do anything at night without passersby being able to see absolutely everything. The pillow I made was supposed to be for my craft room chair, but I love it so much that it is going to find room on our living room couch. I was never too fond of our original covers anyway.

Of course Bella went and slept on my freshly washed and ironed fabric. She has a habit of sitting on any type of cloth you leave on the floor. As I was putting up curtains, she would go and sit on top of the fabric on the ground while I was hanging the panel on the rod. This is the same dog who likes to sit on the towel at the beach instead of on the sand.

Pictures of my curtains later! I know I'm completely behind with blogging. Things have really busy here and will get busier.