Barbie Girl

I don't plan on posting very much these next couple of weeks. I have a very good reason why, but I can't tell you just yet. So I leave you with a little embarrassing anecdote from my childhood and hope that you forgive me. I expect all of my readers to be mature enough to never bring this up again. Here goes:

My name used to be Barbie. The blonde doll with ridiculous measurements that screwed women over for decades. Thanks, Mattel!

I'm not sure if I made this memory up myself or if it is a legitimate memory from my four year old past, but it is vivid. My mother asked me what English name I would like to have since we were moving to California, and I told her I wanted to be called Barbie.

My mother, the wise woman that she is, obliged and listened to a toddler's request. And that is how I was known as Barbie until the ripe age of nine.

If I made it all the way to the fourth grade with a bimbo name, what changed? It was a little song called "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. That song played every hour on KIIS FM and it was my version of a living hell.

Fourth graders are not kind. I went home crying for a week before I told my mother why I was so upset. And that is why my sister has a very American name and I have a very Chinese one. Would you have taken me seriously if you knew my name was Barbie?

The end.


Spencer said…
dude you never mentioned that the song was popular while you still had the name hahaha. this makes the story much funnier! it looks like debbie is the wiser sister ;)
belinda said…
I dont think we would be friends if that was your name.
However I now want to refer to you only as Barbie, is that going to be a problem? :)
I hope you are having a wonderful week! Since my name is Mimi, I can completely understand what you went through as "Barbie". I got teased a lot growing up, and I still don't feel like people take me seriously because of my name. I guess that's why I never became a political leader or corporate president--not that I ever wanted to be either of those things.
chris said…
you really should still blog........honestly. what am i going to read? books?