Lost Pictures

Target is ready for summer.

What happens when you run out of clean bowls and forks.

Would have been sweet if somebody hadn't added their own touch.

Turkey leg! But eaten as a salad topping instead of gnawing on it like an uncivilized being.

The package said that it makes four servings. It was more like 16. I gained five pounds that week.

And I never feel bad about eating tots.

Peanut the Gremlin. He will bite your fingers off.

Heading to Austin for a nice dinner before NTC. Before I discovered the magic of under eye concealer.

Taken five minutes before I decided to help her get down.

Cow wouldn't move out of the road until honked at three times.

Staring contest with a dead spider.

Man eating a Super Monster Burrito from Freebirds. It was the size of his forearm.


Spencer said…
julias chihuahua looks just like that
Min! Thank you for thinking of me and sending me the card and Petco coupons. I can't tell you how much that meant to me!! I will definitely put them to use.

I'm sorry I'm posting a comment here instead of emailing you, but I think my computer has crashed since I emailed you last, so I don't have your email address anymore.

When does your husband get home? And how long does he get to stay?

Thank you again,
Mimi, mimi_reid@hotmail.com