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This past Saturday, a group of friends and I participated in a Mutt Strut to benefit the Centex Humane Society Second Chance Shelter. It was quite an adventure transporting three dogs, one human passenger, and myself to the park. Bella sat in the front seat while my friend sat in the back with her two pups. Don't even ask how long it took me to clean out the car after this. 

Bella was trying to get into the backseat most of the time, which is surprising as she always tries to get into the front seat when she sits in the back. Go figure. It was fun having her sit up there with me, but I definitely won't do it again because it was definitely a distraction. It was really difficult not looking at her cute face.

It's not shocking that all my close friends here have dogs. Dogs bring people together. Don't you agree? I see this group of women at least once weekly. One gal is missing from this picture though because she is due for her first baby in less than two weeks. We're all excited to meet her daughter.

Do you recognize the Boston Terrier and the Beagle

There are a couple of photo albums on Facebook from the event and our group was photographed numerous times. It's almost like we purposely got in front of the camera so that we could be all over the internet or something. I think they liked to photograph us because we are such a diverse group with a unusual looking pack, too. I look upset in the picture below, but it was just really hot, even at nine in the morning. 

Bella's tongue is sticking way out because after awhile I decided to run for a minute. Like literally a minute because that's all I can do. It's so strange that my body actually craves activity now. Who am I?!

frame source

And guess what? Bella made the front page of the newspaper! 

Okay, so her head barely made it in, but still! My dog is famous, ya'll!

After The Hubby returns to Iraq I'm going to look into volunteering with the animal shelter. They need people helping with the adoption centers every weekend at Petsmart and Petco. I hope I don't end up bringing another dog into our family...


What a fun event! Hooray for helping at an animal shelter. Yes, I totally agree that dogs bring people together. I think that's one of the many great blessings about dogs.
Debbie said…
Bella's famous!