Crash! (A Guessing Game)

A curtain rod in our bedroom came crashing down yesterday afternoon.

Thankfully, nothing was damaged and we don't have a small child around.

It's time to guess who/what caused this incident.

Was it:

A) Improper installation and a strong wind?

B) Our pesky resident troublemaker, Bella?

or was it

C) Our week-long visitor, Penny?

Question 2: Who installed the curtain rod in the first place? The Hubby or me?

Bonus Question: How long do you think it will be until that curtain will be fixed?
A) Two days
B) Two months
C) Not until The Hubby gets home

Results on Wednesday. Winner with the right answers gets a virtual high five.


Spencer said…


two months

i dont know why i guessed those :P