Lunch Today

A few friends were getting together today to have lunch by a duck pond at a nearby campus. I was pretty excited to put together a healthy meal (with a not so healthy beverage). Doesn't my salad look delicious?

I packed everything into my Batman cape lunch bag. Yeah, I'm 22, and I ain't too proud to carry a child's lunch pail.

It even has a cape!

I decided that it might be nice to bring Bella along. I had no idea how she would react to the ducks.

She was fine at first. Bella peered quietly out of curiosity and I was relieved.

But then she edged closer and I'm just thankful that there was a fence between her and the pond. I wonder if she would have jumped in. The width of her shoulders was the only reason why she didn't get in between the bars.

Eventually she became unmanageable and would not quit barking. I tried to sit with her at a nearby bench, but then I started getting bit by fire ants. We eventually left and I had to eat my lunch at home.

I'm just glad she didn't get to this particular goose. He looks like a mean one.

It was quite embarrassing. I really wish Bella was better behaved sometimes. I would really like to get her out of the house more often. But I suppose that it's in Bella's Lab nature to fetch ducks!