365 Days Ago

365 days ago...

It took an army of women to help me get ready to marry you.

They helped lock my gut in so tightly that I would complain of back pains for the rest of the night.

And then I snuck up on you and tapped your shoulder.

And you saw your bride for the first time.

We had our best friends right next to us.

We love them so.

And of course our families were right there with us, as always.

My grandmother and mother walked me down the aisle. They had to remind me to slow down because I couldn't wait to join you. I even tripped at one point, but thankfully no one saw. Complete strangers congratulated me on my way to you.

And you cried. A lot. And I kept giggling to stop from crying, too.

Linda Ko captured this beautiful picture of all of us as everyone watched us say "I do."
And it was finally time for you to kiss your wife. 

We took a lot of pictures.

This one is one of my favorites because we sat on the same bench at prom four and a half years earlier.

 Hannah asked you to lift me, which is normally no problem for a strong Army man like you. But my dress literally added ten pounds. Your face was not so handsome here, but luckily we can only see the back of your head.

We then made our way under the saber arch.

And we had to kiss to pass.

Then we danced and took the moment in.

And we kissed. A lot.

Happy one-year anniversary, darling. I love you with all my heart.

Photography by Hannah Suh unless otherwise noted.


Anonymous said…
happy anniversary min and brandon :)