A Very Army Weekend

There is a lot going on this weekend-- a trio of hooah events, if you will. First up is the 111th Army/Navy Game. Kickoff is 2:30pm, but I believe coverage begins at 2:00pm on CBS. This is the only game that we will be watching for the rest of our lives. 

My favorite part of watching this historic game is the march on. The sight of a sea of cadets and midshipmen marching in formation is inspiring and always makes my eyes tear up a bit. I always scanned the crowd to see if I could spot my husband, which is virtually impossible as they are all dressed exactly.the.same.

And as someone who went through all four years of West Point with The Hubby, I am obligated to say with great pride, "GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!"

Also on Saturday is the WWE Tribute to the Troops right here at Fort Hood. NBC will broadcast it on December 18th at 9/8ct. Anyone else think it's strange that Ariel Winter (aka middle child on "Modern Family") will be there? The Hubby doesn't want to go, and I haven't made my mind about it yet either. He wants to go to some Christmas orchestra concert...

Finally, on Sunday, Ty Pennington and the crew from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" will be here to reveal a brand new house created for a soldier who was wounded last year during the Fort Hood shooting. The public is invited to greet the family and shout the famous line, "Move that bus!" 

Who says things never happen here at The Great Place?

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Spencer said…
what the hell? i wouldnt even have noticed alex if you didnt point her out. what could she possible do there lol
Tiffany said…
I watched the game. Poor Army... :(