Last of Holiday Packaging

Do you remember the boxes I made to hold our Christmas treats for family and friends? I finally got around to finishing up the rest of the packaging. (Click pictures to enlarge) 

I made some customized tags by using PowerPoint and the designs by Joy Ever After. (Tutorial here)

I wanted to attach them by threading ribbon through the ends, but the ribbon I had was too thin. Simple white glue it is!

Inside each box, I included two recipes and I signed the bottom for the three of us. The Hubby and I decided to use a box mix for brownies instead of baking them from scratch to save ourselves from the headache of juggling three recipes at once.

I did an accordion fold so that the recipes would fold neatly inside each box and rest on top of the goodies. These were also designed by using PowerPoint and I used the reindeer art from Eat Drink Chic.

Fonts used: Budmo Jiggler, Learning Curve Pro, Georgia

P.S. If you need a box for a gift, but are having trouble finding one the right size, use this tutorial by Lovely Design. It requires some measuring, but I liked the results. I used an empty cereal box, which is not that sturdy, yet is just stable enough.


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