Baby, It's Cold Inside, Too

The thermometer in the house tells me that it is 61 degrees. INSIDE. I am not accustomed to this. Sometimes, I have trouble sleeping at night because I am so cold. The Hubby still insists on having the ceiling fan on most nights. His side of the bed warms up so quickly while mine remains ice cold because I get as close up to him as he'll allow me before he starts complaining about the heat.

We're still trying to go without turning on the heat in order to save on our electricity bill. I am coping by drinking gallons of hot apple cider warmed up on the stove, blankets, and lots of layers.

The Hubby was issued extreme cold weather clothing the other day and decided to dress me up. I am wearing four layers in the pictures below and am also sweating profusely.

Even Bella has found her coat of fur inadequate. We gave her The Hubby's "Green Girl" blanket from West Point (humorously named so because this comforter would be the only "girl" cadets would ever have in their bed). She seems to love it, proven by the fact that she no longer jumps into our bed in the middle of the night. This morning, however, I had her on the bed next to me and she was actually shivering. I let her under the covers and we spooned.

Hope all of you are staying nice and toasty!


Anonymous said…
electric blanket/comforter?