We Heart Food!

I write a lot about food and I seem to be baking every other week, but actually we're fairly healthy eaters. Typically, our pantry is stocked with groceries that are good for us.

We always grab the reduced sodium, less sugar, whole wheat, less fat alternative if it's available. Whole wheat pasta tastes like cardboard so I have started to mix half regular pasta with it and you can't tell the difference. Sneaky, sneaky!

Our typical snacks include rice cakes, almonds, reduced fat Ritz crackers, or baked chips.

Instead of drinking lots of soda or fruit punch, we have a pitcher full of Crystal Light available. It is only five calories per serving and it helps me meet my daily liquid intake requirements.

We keep unhealthy snacks to the side so that it is not in our direct eye line when we open our pantry door.

The bottom shelf of our pantry houses my baking supplies. I have always wanted to bake things from scratch, but never had any of the ingredients to do so. But now I am building it up and can make cookies or brownies on a whim. These pictures were taken months ago. I have a lot more than what is shown below now.

The same goes for our refrigerator. We changed from soy milk to almond milk after we looked up some soy dangers. It's actually really delicious. No eggs or even real butter will be found in our home. We use Egg Beaters and Promise butter, which are great alternatives to products that aren't necessarily that great for you.

Unfortunately, this is what our fridge and freezer look like now. We went shopping last week and it cost $100 just for the both of us. I was determined to make it all last for at least two weeks because I could not understand why we were spending so much on food. But instead of kicking myself for it, I have come to the conclusion that groceries are so expensive because my husband has a bottomless pit for a stomach.

I'll make him a large dinner and then he will eat a sandwich afterwards. He's a muscular man who still has the fat boy inside of him. I greatly admire his grandparents and parents for keeping a kitchen stocked all the time to feed him without breaking the bank. 

1.) Left over mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving. Eww, I know. 2.) Empty pitcher of iced tea 3.) Salsa 4.) Pickles and mandarin oranges 5.) One yogurt 6.) Ham for sandwiches 7.) Almost empty bottle of orange juice 8.) Frozen veggies 9.) Frozen blueberries 10.) Puff pastry 11.) Frozen banana that should be tossed, too 12.) One chicken breast
I can probably make two good dinners before we are officially out of food, but lunch and breakfast will be a struggle. I think it's time to give in and make another trip to the commissary...