Brain Dump

  • It was my grandmother's birthday yesterday, and apparently they had some amazing food. Is it okay for an 80-year-old woman to prepare dinner for her own birthday? If I were home, I would have baked a cake decorated with frosting roses and all that jazz.
  • I have already made a list of things I want my grandmother to cook for me when we visit home. Holiday weight, here I come! Maybe I should start losing some pre-holiday weight?
  • My sister is currently documenting her goal of doing 31 new things in 31 days. Check out her blog and give words of encouragement. I know that I would not be able to accomplish the same.
  • The Hubby wakes up at 0500. I. DO. NOT. Common decency would be to tiptoe around the house as quiet as possible as to not wake up the sleeping woman in the bed, but sometimes I feel like he tries to be as loud as possible. He'll ask me questions, tell Bella to get on the bed with me, slam drawers, etc. The worst thing he does is actually sit on the bed when he needs to put on his boots or shoes, but most of the time he'll actually land his behind on my poor feet. He also has the nasty habit of setting his alarm to snooze, and guess who has to hear it and turn it off?
  • Why didn't anyone teach me the etiquette of sending Christmas cards out? I have most of them ready, but I was going to send them out maybe on the 17th. When I went to get the mail, I found three cards waiting in the mailbox for us. Is there no time frame? Are we supposed to send a picture of the three of us in holiday sweaters? Do I need to include a newsletter?
  • We typically go grocery shopping once a week, but that led to excessive shopping. This time, we decided that one large grocery trip will last us two weeks. The result of that? I'm currently eating Ritz crackers for brunch.


Tiffany said…
Mini brain dump:


2. I'm pretty loud when I try to be quiet... I might be louder than if I not tried at all actually.

3. Yes, you need to wear cheesy sweaters while Brandon sits in a chair and you are standing behind him. I believe starting the second week of Christmas, cards are fair game (first week is too anxious-looking), but maybe some people time it with when Christmas music starts playing on radios.

Spencer said…
i cant find the comment button on debbies blog...i feel dumb :P
Debbie said…
@Spencer: As far as I can tell, individual Blogger pages do not have comment functionality, but my regular blog posts do. Comment there! (I've made some minor changes for you.)