Why I Need a Bone Folder

For the past three years, The Hubby and I have been giving homemade treats as Christmas gifts. It's a great way to give a little love, even when your budget is tight. We typically buy tupperware to package all the treats in, but I wanted something different this year.

Treats from 2008: sugar cookies, peppermint bark, brownies, chocolate

I was leaning towards this idea from Living Locurto. A festive paper plate inside a large ziploc bag decorated with some pretty ribbon and a tag. So easy! (Amy has some great free printables in case you want to do a cookie swap party, too)

But then I fell in love with these gorgeous handmade paper boxes from Lorajean's Magazine. I am such a sucker for cute packaging. You can find her video tutorial here. The Hubby vetoed this idea because he thought it would be too time consuming. But then he was gone all day and all night Thursday, so guess what I did?

I made a bazillion boxes! Well, actually just seventeen boxes for seventeen people, but it sure felt like a whole lot. Seventeen boxes means thirty-four lids and bottoms. Eighteen folds each...That's 2,448 folds total in case you were wondering. It's true, I really do have that much time on my hands. And I also woke up the next morning with sore arms and shoulders, which should tell you just how much upper body strength I have.

I used 12x12 heavy scrapbook paper that I already had. When I ran out of paper with designs that were holiday related, I grabbed my cheap $1 roll of wrapping paper from Target. Wrapping paper alone is not sturdy enough so I used sheets of scrapbook paper that I knew I would never use and folded the pieces together. 

I only did this for lids, however, and continued to use card stock for the bottoms to maintain stability. The box measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 2"

Each box holds a surprising amount of cookies. I lined them with some tissue paper and a little bit of parchment paper to prevent to much grease from being absorbed by the tissue.

I have not decided what kind of tags or extra decorations I want to do yet, but I expect to be done with them next week so I will show you then.

This year's treats: chocolate chip and toffee shortbread cookies, oreo truffles, triple chocolate toffee brownies

Grocery list:
11 sticks butter(!!)
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
5 tsp. vanilla
10 1/2 cups flour
4 bags of toffee
4 bags of chocolate chips

*This is a bone folder


Tiffany said…
yummy yummy yummy... for my tummy? :)