I planned an entire post, recollecting on that tragic day ten years ago. Everyone has their story. But I think I'm going to cut it short and just speak about how the events of September 11th has made more of an impact on my life than I had ever imagined.

In the ninth grade, our history teacher spoke to us about the war and how he predicted it to be over in a couple of months. I had no idea that this same war would call on my husband who I had not yet met to serve. I did not know that I would spend many sleepless and lonely nights worrying about him. And I definitely did not predict to encounter so many others who will be deployed or even killed. There are people who are impacted by 9/11 every single day of their lives, not just today by an anniversary.

It amazes me when people complain about the new security protocol at airports, as if taking your shoes off and putting them in a plastic bin is really that much of a hassle. So what if you can no longer bring in liquids over three ounces? I don't even mind those x-ray machines if it means the prevention of a repeat attack. It's important to not forget the big picture here.

I am so grateful for men and women like my husband who are selflessly defending our country so that we don't have to relive that tragic day. Let's use this day to not only remember those who lost their lives, but to also thank the heroes who are still so sacrificing so much today.

Today and everyday, I am proud to be married to a Soldier.


Thank you to you and your husband for the great sacrifice of serving us all. Hope you can be back together soon, Min. I'm proud of YOU!