Random Thoughts

These are some things I think about often:

-If I ever got in a fist fight, would I be able to win? Would I cower in a corner and protect my face or would I try to scratch and pull out hair? Better yet, would I remember the tricks The Hubby taught me about punching and break the bitch's nose?

-What is The Hubby doing at this very moment?

-How easy would it be for me to diet if I were a dog? Bella lost thirty pounds in the course of three months after changing her food and feeding her less. Then again, if I were a dog I wouldn't care if I had an extra roll of fat around my collar.

-Am I really getting stares or do I just think too highly of myself? Although during a walk/run with Bella today a male passenger of a car passing by literally stuck our his head and stared at us as he came by. Not flattering, fool.

-What do I "need" from Target so that I can make another trip out there?

-Is that dream of my chewing gum getting stuck in between my teeth really a dream or did that actually happen?

-I want ice cream.

-Dang, I should really shave my legs.

-If someone knocked on my door at this very moment he/she would find a lady with oily hair wearing ratty shorts and braless in a home littered with dog fur, dirty plates and a collection of water cups in every room.

-I miss my husband.

-I want chocolate.

-I want fruit.

-I want a baby. I think. Maybe. Someday.

-I want a lot of things.

-Gee, I have the cutest dog in the world.

-I can't wait for The Hubby to come home.

-Wait, what was that smoke monster on "Lost" again?

I suppose I'm not exactly what you would call a deep thinker.


Spencer said…
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