Beginnings of a Hoarder

Pixar postage stamps are just about the best stamps ever. I kind of have a thing for stickers. I used to collect them and I would spend hours organizing them all in my many sticker albums. Kids used to request toys for their birthdays. I always wanted stickers. 

Even though I had so many, I loved them so much that I refused to use them. My collection from elementary and middle school days still exists today, but I am a little more forgiving with the use of them. I now like to seal off every envelope with a Lisa Frank sticker or a random one of a monkey or pony. Basically, I choose whichever sticker would embarrass The Hubby the most and stick that one on there. 

It makes me sad, however, to see that most of their adhesive has worn off after years of neglect. I guess that's what white glue is for. But, really, I think it means that I should stop saving things for later and start living. Is that way too philosophical for something as simple of stickers? 

This also applies to beauty products. I would get a sample in the mail and just hoard it for years instead of using it immediately. Or if someone gives me a really nice jar of body butter I will most likely just sniff at it instead of lathering my dry skin simply because I think it is far too nice to use. I should really indulge a little.

I think I get this habit from my grandmother, who is a prime hoarder. I once found a stick of butter in the freezer that was literally eight years old. If we tossed a shampoo bottle in the trash and didn't get every last drop then we were told to be ungrateful. Don't you know that you are supposed to add water and swish it?

But what really saddened me one day was when her friend gave her a box of golden kiwis a few years ago. My grandmother, being the least selfish person in the world, kept handing me these kiwis to eat. Two for me, one for her. They were amazingly delicious. She then revealed to me as we were eating the last kiwis from the box that this was the first time she had a golden kiwi for forty years. 

"They were always too expensive to purchase, but I always loved them. What a wonderful gift my friend has given me! This box probably cost $12!"

And yet this woman would give her granddaughter, who would have many other opportunities in her life to have more, two kiwis for every one she had. That's love.

This is the same woman who gets mad at me if I send her flowers for Mother's Day. "Tell me how much you spent on me. I bet these cost at least $20. Don't spend so much money on grandma." I tell her to just enjoy it. 
My favorite stamps, however, will always be these Disney romance ones a friend thoughtfully gifted me for no reason at all. I used these stamps only for special people I knew would appreciate them while I saved one of each couple. I think these are worth saving though. Don't you?

This is my grandmother, by the way. Isn't she so tiny and cute? (Picture by my bridesman, Tony)


I love the photo of your grandmother! Her hair is so beautifully white.

I don't think you are being a "hoarder". It's more of a "save for later-er". I think of hoarders as people who have all kind of crap stockpiled everywhere, and from the photos of your house, I don't think you qualify as a hoarder.

I used to have a thing for stickers, too. I remember those Lisa Frank stickers--I loved them! But then I started working for a sticker company (The Gifted Line). I got so many free stickers that I didn't mind using them. Mrs. Grossman's Paper Company is near my house. Too bad the bottom has all but dropped out of the sticker industry. But if you come to visit the Bay area, you should definitely take a tour of MGPC. After the tour, they give you a ton of freebies!
Debbie said…
Try this with your leftover stickers: